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DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets

A Natural ,Drug Free, Product that Calms the
Body, Mind, Senses and Spirit

Weighted blankets by DreamCatcher tm Weighted Blankets, are a  sensory calming product that many young children deem magic.  Adults and children use a weighted blanket by DreamCatcher's  to help calm many afflications that cause pain and anxiety. DreamCatcher's provide a cozy feeling that relaxes the senses and provides results as a natural sleep aid.

We have been professionally creating , quality DreamCatcher tm Weighted Blankets for over twelve years, which started with the first weighted blanket made for our  own special needs child who is severely autistic.

We are proud in knowing  our business is unique from  other weighted blanket companies that have  followed our lead in many ways. 

What keeps us apart from others making weighted blankets today?

The obvious is DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets was the  first  weighted blanket  manufacturer in the US, many have come and gone since we began.
To date , we are  still the only commercial weighted blanket manufacturer. All our products are made in the USA at our  commercial sewing shop located in Montana.
Our weighted  blankets and products are  manufactured  by highly skilled ,paid employees, covered by both workman's compensation and unemployment insurance. Our employees  do  not work as  home-based or  independently contracted, which is  important, because many  vendor requirements issued  by state or federal funded agencies and insurance providers state that we must meet these guidelines to be eligible to receive their ordersWe  also find satisfaction  in knowing that we are providing local jobs  in a tough economy for members of our community , some who also have special needs.

Aside from being the leader in our industry , the main difference that sets us apart from other manufacturers is that  our hearts are wholly vested in each weighted blanket made, whether we make one custom or pre-made weighted blanket for your child or are making hundreds of weighted blankets for one hospital.  We support the special needs community by donating products  and providing discounts as often as we can. 

Part of our mission, is to supply you with an affordable product, but not at the expense of the quality you receive. Each DreamCatcher , patented weighted blanket design is professionally handcrafted and goes through a five step inspection process as it is made. Only quality fabrics and materials are used in our products and our blankets have multiple layers of fabrics to increase durability without adding bulk or warmth to the blanket.

Our pricing includes shipping within the US and a portion of each sale goes back into our free giveaway programs, which allows all our customers to participate in helping others.

For more information on our giveaway program follow the link below.

"It is our hope by offering you a custom (design-your-own) or pre-made DreamCatcher  TM Weighted  Blanket or product, that you or someone you love and care for will also benefit from their calming  and soothing effects, the way our son has. The best part of our job is hearing from our customers what an enormous  difference one of our blankets has made in the life of their families."   Eileen & JC Jackson

DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets Featured on Montana PBS
Business: Made In Montana

We are happy to accommodate the individual client whether purchasing a small 1 1/2 LB lap pad or a 50LB king size weighted blanket, as well as our commercial medical facility clients needing a large quantity of various sizes and weights to meet their patients needs.

In addition to weighted bed size blankets  from crib to king, our product line includes:

Larger weighted bedspreads that will cover the top and sides of the bed, with just the mattress portion weighted.

Adjustable weighted blanket where you can put heavier weight were you want it and lighter weight where you don't and change it tomorrow if you like.

Relaxation Comfort throw, couch length, weighted blanket.

Recliner length weighted blankets.

Portable travel and school size weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets sizes to accommodate wheelchairs.

Lap Pads, Shoulder Weighted Wrappers, SnugglePads tm and a variety of Pressure Pets tm.

And any custom size upon request.

We have put an enormous amount of information on our site about both our DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets and weighted therapy and it's benefits in general. Please take your time and visit often as we update the site every few weeks, and don't forget to contact us with any questions.

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