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Washable & Dryable Weighted Blankets

DreamCatcher Weighted  Blankets Can  Be Safely Machine Washed and Dried

How do I wash a DreamCatcher Weighted  Blanket?

Our blankets can be machine washed on a regular  or permanent  press cycle, using your normal detergent in the temperature you desire. We often recommend cold water wash to help keep fabric colors bright, but the blanket will withstand warm and hot temperatures. Please DO NOT wash on a gentle cycle as the weight of the blanket may be hard on your washing machine. You may want to wash some towels etc. with the blanket to help balance the load.

Do any of the fabrics shrink after washing, will colors bleed?

We wash, pre-shrink and size all fabrics prior to constructing the blankets, you are free to choose any fabrics you like without worry of shrinkage. Any pre-treating of fabrics to either set colors or soften fabrics is done prior to our constructing a DreamCatcher blanket.  These are  both  normal  standard procedures  when working with any fabrics. We use laundry products that are  scent free and formulated for sensitive skins.

Can I dry the blanket in the dryer? Will the pellets melt?

 That is very important to consider and a very good question to ask because there are many types of pellets on the market and not all would be suitable for use in a weighted blanket. We use  only superior PolyPro pellets that are rated to 600 degrees. They will not melt in the dryer.

There are lesser grade poly pellets on the market that may be  recycled from things like used milk jugs or cartons, old plastic bottles and containers and even old car batteries. These are not the type of pellets that should be used to weight a blanket.

The blankets can be dried on a regular or permanent  press cycle. Drying time will depend on the fabrics used for your blanket. Cotton fabrics normally require more drying time then synthetics such as fleece. We always recommend checking the blanket every 15 to 20 minutes in the dryer. Any of our blankets can be lined dried but it does take time because of the number of layers of fabrics.

I have read  that washing and drying a very heavy blanket without the ability to remove the weights may  cause excess wear and tear on the washing machine, blanket materials, packet contents, and dryer, is that true?

We recommend that any blankets over 20LBS be washed in a commercial machine, as some household machines are not made to withstand weight over 20LBS. We have found that blankets weighing under 20LBS do fine in most household washer and dryer.

We also  include washing instructions with all orders.

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